Friday, December 16, 2011

Circle Art

This is by far one of my favorite activities we've done.
It's not a Christmas project - we actually did it many weeks ago, but it needed some finishing and we did that this past week.
While digging through our storage closet I found a trash bag full of these cylinder rolls. They were a a very thick cardboard. I don't know what they were from. (Sorry I don't have a picture of them.)
They screamed "circle project" for me.
So I set them out and the kids used  them to trace circles all over a large paper.

They did this during "work time" and everyone worked at it whenever they wanted too.
It was great fine motor practice.
Then during "table time" we painted it as a group.
This was unique because most projects everyone is working on their own piece of work.
This time we talked about what it means to work as a group.
Each class worked on this with such joy.
I stepped back and just watched and listened. 
They quietly painted and visited like they were all a bunch of adults chatting away about life.
It was priceless.

I wish I would have planned more time for this first initial painting session because they would have worked forever.
We didn't complete it in one session so throughout the weeks I'd set it out and let them paint it during "work time" if they wanted too.
Now we are admiring it on our wall.

 It is adding lots of color and design to our room.

- Mrs. Nicole

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