Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Activities

After seeing several Christmas Sensory Tables on many blogs I decided to have one put together for our class.

One of my moms collected our items, took pictures of everything, and arranged them in our Discovery Table. (Thanks Carrie!!)
We decided to use our existing table so we had  a plexiglass lid cut for the top and put Christmas lights inside. 

Our kids are loving it. 
They can pick up a clipboard and circle the items they find.
On each page (there are four different pages) their is an item that has several of the same items in our table. For example they have to find 13 jingle bells.
Some children are there for a very long time enjoying this activity.
It's easy for me to move things around if I want to. 
You could do this for any season.

Another very simple Christmas activity that has been available to our kids is to twist a candy cane.

We are enjoying this season in our class!
- Mrs. Nicole

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