Friday, February 3, 2012

January - A Month in Pictures

January was a great month.

We've been working on Sequential Order and Ordinal Numbers.
What better to practice then to learn how to make our own hot chocolate.

1st - Pour in the mix.
2nd- Stir slowly.
3rd - Drink.

After learning the steps they became pros.
For two weeks they could make their own hot chocolate during "work time". 
We had some "sippers" and some "gulpers".
It was fun to watch them sit with a friend and chat away with their mugs.
(Mugs also went along with our "M week")

These guys reminded me of a bunch of old men at coffee hour. So awesome.

 Our last day of making hot chocolate we added a little extra step.

SNOW . . . . we painted snow in the discovery table, made snow globes, learned how to draw snowmen, and made snow flakes.  We got lucky and actually had snow on our first day of "snow week".

Snow in the discovery table was a hit . . . one group painted forever, they sculpted, they pulled up chairs and slipped on gloves!

 We worked our fingers with a lot of scissor cutting to make beautiful snow flakes.

 Seeing the shadows of our snowflakes through the blinds was a fun surprise. Everyone loved it.

Our last week we changed the discovery table again . . . this time it went with our "w" week. WATER.
It's been a hit. They've mixed colors and learned how to use eye droppers.

 After dumping all the colors together we discovered our hands turned green in the water. They thought we looked like Shrek.

Peeling Oranges . . . great fine motor activity. 

We rolled our names with play dough.

Our circle tubes were used to make a tower.  This group got them to the ceiling. It took a lot of team work and me on a chair.

The girls took pictures of me taking pictures.

Some days during "work time" kids each pair off and play, other days they play individually or switch from one friend to another.  My favorite days are when I get to observe an entire class playing together in harmony; deep in imagination.  It's beautiful.

 January was a good month. 

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