Saturday, April 14, 2012

Valentine's Activities

More Valentine's Pictures

We painted X's and O's.
The X's we used painters tape and pulled it up once the paint was dry.
The O's we used do-a-dot paint daubers.


We worked on patterns with conversation hearts.
We used conversation hearts for weeks.
We picked them up with little tongs, we played games with them . . . we even ate a few or more. :))

Each week in Feb. we filled out a heart . . . People/ Places/ Things we Love

Our theme center was set up as a post office.
We had a little post office box and then a real mailbox in another area. 
Cards were made and sent all month.
We collected old Valentine cards for them to pretend with too.
We used stickers for stamps and put all sorts of notes in the envelopes.

 Each student picked a friend or relative to make a valentine for.
Then we took them to the post office and mailed our Valentine's.
The creativity was awesome and they worked so hard to write a message for their friend.

Off to the Post Office.

Our Valentine's Parties were great for both classes.
The moms did a great job planning them.

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