Saturday, May 12, 2012

This was probably one of my favorite days of preschool this year. 
(Warning: Lots of pictures with this post! I wanted you to see all the fun your kids had.)

The kids were so involved with it. 
Each child invited their mom or Grandma to come and have tea with us.  

Even my mom got to come!!

Before they came we worked hard to make gifts for them.
We colored pots, planted flowers in them, and created place mats that said, "I love my Mom/Grandma."

The day of the tea we worked hard.
The kids made welcome signs.
They set the table.
They moved furniture.
They set out food.
They put toothpicks on cheese.
They poured tea.
They put little chocolates by each plate.
They cut up fruit. (Everyone had a chance to cut.)
They counted out grapes for the salad.
They mixed the fruit salad.




Then we waited at the windows.

When our Moms and Grandmas came they escorted them to their seat.
We welcomed them.
We said our snack prayer.
Then each mom got to go through our line and was served the food by their child.
After everyone had food we enjoyed food and conversation.
We told our Moms and Grandmas what we liked doing with them.
Some got out their journals to show them what they said they liked doing with them.
We threw our Moms and Grandmas plates away for them and then we went outside to play till it was time to go.

In between classes Mrs. Nicole undecorated and unset the table and cleared the trays so that they could all be filled, set and decorated again; but it was so worth it.

The kids really had joy in preparing this day.
The Moms and Grandmas enjoyed themselves.
It was priceless.

Happy Mother's Day Moms!

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  1. Hey Lady,
    Just got done looking at all your Mother's/Grandmother's Day Party Picks....WHOA BABY.......THAT WAS IMPRESSIVE.