Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Birthday!

We celebrated 3 Birthdays in September!
(One was a summer birthday!)

(I had an iphone mishap tonight and lost my pictures ..... this birthday girl's pictures were on my iphone. If I retrieve them I'll update this post. )

The birthday ritual this year is :
 ** You get a Birthday Queen or King crown.
** You are the Helper for the day. (Even if it is out of order.)
**During Circle time we talk about how you grew from a baby to a big five year old and we count the candles you had on your cakes each year until now.
** You get to sit in the center of our circle and we all play loud instruments walking around you singing a new Happy Happy Birthday song we learned!
* Then at snack time we have birthday snacks and you get to pick a prize from the Birthday Box.

It's a GRAND day for our birthday friends. 

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