Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!

We partied yesterday with a "parade" to the kindergarten classrooms and to the Care Center in town.
It was a highlight to get a 3 minute ride on the school bus.

We ended the morning with Halloween treats and games.
(Thanks moms for helping!)

Each friend brought a book with the person/thing they dressed up as.
We carried our books around on our parade.
I love connecting our dressing up with a book; we did that growing up at the Elementary school I went to. Just another way to fall in love with reading.

(I had wanted to take a picture with each child and their book but Halloween craziness didn't give time for that.)
Each child did enjoy showing us their character in their book.

Even I dressed up this year as the character from my favorite children's Halloween book.
I'm posing with Miss Cotton Candy!

Have a great day trick or treating!

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