Friday, January 4, 2013


Before returning back from Christmas break to start a NEW semester of preschool let's look back at December
It was a great month filled with so many activities.

Our month began with the Christmas Program.
The kids did great!

Town of Bethlehem
This was a hit.

Cookie Making for Santa
Glitter galore.

Pattern Work - Putting Christmas Lights on houses

Gift making for Mom and Dad
We hope you enjoyed your present. They were made with such love.

Snow didn't come until our break so we were still raking leaves.

Gift Wrapping was once again a hit this year.
They wrap up any item in the classroom and put it under the tree.
Then the 3/4 year old class opens our presents and wraps new gifts for us to open.
You haven't enjoyed the fullness of wrapping presents if you haven't wrapped with ten 4 or 5 year olds.

I Spy Christmas Items

Ornament making

A little snow did come one day and with a little work a tiny snow man was made.

We had one December birthday!
Happy Birthday!

Looking forward to 2013!! 
See you on Tuesday.

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