Friday, September 16, 2011

Busy Hands

This week we kept our hands busy.

Play Dough is a great way to make those finger muscles work.

 Play Dough cookies of all kinds were served up.

Yes this is the kind of class where we do mix play dough.
I know it gives some of you a heart attack but 
how else could you get such a creative piece of work?

We painted a silly character from a silly song.
We learned how to empty our water cup into the drain; very important things to learn. 

(These amazing sketches were done my yours truly while we sang about this silly man. Then we all picked one to paint. Drawing in front of 4/5 year olds makes you feel like an artist. :)) )

We enjoyed our fresh new sand and sand toys - thanks to one of our mommas. 
(Thank you Carrie!)

Mr. Police Officer took a break from his job to practice writing his name.

It was our best week yet.
Everyone is getting the hang of the countless procedures and exploring every area of our room.

My favorite moment of the week was while we were deep into play doh one sweet Little Missy looked up at me and said, "I like seeing you."

Melt my heart.
I like seeing you too Little Missy.
All of you.

- Mrs. Nicole

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