Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our First Project

Our first project. . . .
Crayon Canvas.
The idea for this project came from my friend's blog called Whatever.
It hung in our room during our Sneak Peek night with parents and on the first day of school.
It looked nice and created some curiosity.
On Day 2 I told the kids we were going to do a science experiment.
Some were curious by the table cloth that was taped on the floor.
Some said they just wanted to "watch".
They weren't sure what was going to happen.
I'll let the pictures show you what we did.

(Gotta love an inaction shot of me talking. ha.)

 Their faces were so fun to watch. 

 The afternoon class got to watch the colors reach the bottom. We were pretending the colors were racing each other to the end. They all needed a close look.

I left some white. I liked seeing the streaks.
The am class will be so excited to see the finished product this week.

We made hypothesis' on what would happen when we turned the blow dryer on.
We shut our eyes and thought about what might happen.
Some said it would blow the crayons off.
Some said it would get mushy because that happened in their van once. (ha. Been there!)
Some said the colors would slide down and fall off.
One said it would melt like a candle.
We had many many guesses.
I love hearing their brains working.

We all agreed we were glad God was creative and created 
many colors instead of just one.

Teacher Tips for this Project
- The wax does blow and splatter a little so either do it outside or on a large covered space.
- A blow dryer with a tip that directs the heat is nice. I did both and liked that better.
- If you have 2 classes this is how we handled that. -- We just did half of it in the am and then I covered the finished part so the pm class didn't see it until we had already done most of their side.
- Beforehand we had read a book that showed real animals of all colors.  We talked about how God was creative. He created things with lots of different colors and shades - including US!
- I used 4 or 5 boxes of 24 crayons and just took out the blacks and greys.
- The original blog I got the idea from used a box of 64 colors so their were many more shades of color.

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