Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our First Day

Today was our first day and all had a grand entrance - inside and outside.

 Doesn't that sidewalk chalk art, done by Ms. Erin, look great?

Foot poem was found at this site.

We had a great day! 
Lots of busy, important work going on.
We had kids traveling to far off places on a boat ride.

 Some having a picnic.

Anything that could possibly be "broken" in the room was fixed by a few expert carpenters.

Friends played and shared.

Precious baby dolls were cared for.

 And everyone worked on their cutting, glueing and drawing skills! 

Important things happened all day long.
It's going to be a great year!

If there was one thing I was reminded of ALL day long; it was that it is a gift to be able to observe a  child's IMAGINATION! 

Oh yeah, and I also remembered how much I like being called "teacher".

-- Mrs. Nicole

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  1. Will you come do preschool here next year!?! Looks like so much fun and a great learning environment, not to mention a great teacher! Have a great year!