Thursday, October 13, 2011


Painting with Fruit for letter F.

Tip:  Let your fruit dry out before you paint. The longer the better.
Each child brought two pieces of fruit and we used our fruit to group, sort, count etc. earlier in the day.
We cut it just before painting.
Little tricky because of the juices.
Many tried for awhile and got a few shapes and then asked for paint brushes.
The afternoon group had better luck because we reused the painted fruit for the afternoon instead of their fresh pieces. 
Live and learn.

 Hedge Apple Painting.
This was unplanned and oh so fun.
One Little Missy brought in a hedge apple.
(They are poisonous to eat so we were able to learn about not tasting food on trees or bushes until we talk to an adult.)
This piece of fruit screamed "let's paint" to me.
So we did.
The kids loved seeing the colors get all messed up as they shook their trays.

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