Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pajama Day

We simply could not have "P week" without a pajama day!
Everyone came in pjs - even me.
A few moms reported that their kids were a little worried to leave the house wearing them. :))
They were also allowed to bring an item they sleep with.
Everyone got to show off their jammies and tell us what their item was called.
Isn't it funny that everyone has a different name for their "blanket"?

For story time we closed the blinds and turned off the lights.
We got comfy and pretended we were reading a bedtime story. 
Even Mrs. Nicole got comfy on the floor.

Wouldn't you love to go shopping in your pjs?
Some did.

Really everything is more fun in pjs.
Sadly I had to miss the afternoon group b/c my own preschooler was sick.
She missed pj day too.
I must say though, it was nice to go from school to my house and straight to the couch to lay with her - I was already dressed in the right clothes!
Thankfully our helper Mr. Bennett took some pics of the afternoon group too.
You all look ADORABLE!!
I wish I could have been there with you.
We just might have to repeat this day again sometime; it was that fun.

Mrs. Nicole

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