Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkin Playdough Decorating

Pumpkin playdough has been a hit.
I got the idea from this site.
So simple and so fun.
I have it set up where the kids can do it during "work time". (A child's play is a child's work so our child centered play time is called "work time".)
Most have chosen to do it at least once this week.
We've had mohawks, beards, hats, entire pumpkins covered and more.
I have out a tall skinny pumpkin, a medium round one and a couple little ones.
I think I'll leave it out for another week or more.

These two worked for quit awhile and giggled at all the funny things they were making.

Play doh has gotten mixed but great creations have been made.
One day a little girl asked, "Miss Nicole can I mix the playdough?"
I said, "Yes you can."
She said with enthusiasm and with some relief, "Oh GOOD!"

(The rule is as long as you are not just mixing colors to be destructive then yes. If you've got an idea or a plan for mixing then by all means YES, mix away.)

This would be a very fun simple activity to do at home with your kids.

- Mrs. Nicole

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