Friday, October 14, 2011


A is for Apples
It was A week.

Bringing apples to school, sorting apples in different ways, lining them up in order from biggest to smallest, and even adding apples kept us busy all week.

Adding apples.

Arranging by size.

We made apples for our fruit stand.

We practiced our cutting and our fine motor skills with this project.
Some wanted to cut first and then tape.
Others wrapped the tape and then cut.
Both work.
I love seeing the variety of problem solving skills.


Then we became chefs and made "apple pies".
Three simple ingredients - plate, red paint, cinnamon, and sugar.
Put put the paint on the plate and "stir".
Sprinkle cinnamon and "stir". (Yes real cinnamon.)
Sprinkle sugar and "stir".
Let dry.

We came back on day two and I drew lines on them for pie pieces.
The kids "sliced their pies" and then we glued them down into a "pie plate".
Originally we were going to sell our pie pieces in our fruit stand but we found a couple ants on them as they dried.
I think they liked the sugar so we decided to get them out of here before we had a problem.

I really liked this project.
So simple - you could do this with "pumpkin pies" using orange paint or even make "pizzas".
Both ideas came from my favorite preschool blog - Preschool Daze.
I extended her "apple pie" activity by having them cut it into pieces and gluing them in a "pie plate."
Have a good weekend!

-Mrs. Nicole

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