Thursday, November 17, 2011

Corn and Cookies

(I'm a little behind on my blog posting. This is the start of getting caught up.)

Corn Project
  You just can't live in Nebraska and not do a corn project during "C week".
I love how each one was so different. Some use a lot of glue and dump hand fulls of kernels on it and others glue one by one. Hmmm. I wonder which way I would have chosen as a child?

We've had corn, tractors, combines and grain carts in our discovery table since the 
beginning of October.
I can't believe I haven't taken any pictures of that yet.
Everyone has enjoyed the corn.

We had so much fun with "cookies" during "C Week".
We ate real cookies. 

We played a cookie matching game.

We sang "Who stole the cookie from the Cookie Jar?"
We read "Cookie's Week". 
(Cute book and is a great one to go with learning the days of the week."

We also baked countless play dough cookies.

My favorite cookie activity came from Preschool Daze.
The kids really got into it.

Supplies:  Circle Construction paper, plastic knife, glue, strips of paper.

First we made "sprinkles" by cutting up tiny pieces of paper.
We cut way more sprinkles than needed but that was all part of it.
Then we spread "frosting" (glue) on our "cookies" (circle construction paper) with a plastic knife.
Then we sprinkled our "sprinkles" on the cookies.
Wa-la. Paper cookies.
I really should have had a cookie candle or something going.
(Mental note for next year.)

 We cut and cut and then shook the trays up to mix the sprinkles. 

We had a couple kids that were not into sprinkling sprinkles all over. They had a different plan in mind. 
I thought it was a nice plan.
I like my cookies with more frosting than sprinkles too.

(For some reason I only got pics of the am class doing this project.)

After this post I'm hungry for a cookie.

- Mrs. Nicole

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