Thursday, November 17, 2011

Raking Leaves

We have had a beautiful fall here.
Just perfect for some leaf raking.
I bought out Walmart's plastic rakes and the kids have been raking ever since.
We had some days where we could rake without jackets.
The leaves are gone from all our trees now and it's definitely coat weather but we just keep raking . . . moving piles from one place to another.
It's really very unproductive work when you think about the goal of raking leaves.
We have different goals here.
Sometimes the goal is to fill the play house up.
Other times it's to create a pile so we can run through it.
It has been the best fun - great gross motor skill usage, and great team work skills - it's a must for the season.
Eventually we'll be moving piles of snow but for now I'm loving the leaves.

(The pictures are from October through November.)


Happy Fall.

- Mrs. Nicole

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