Friday, November 25, 2011

Turkeys, Being Thankful & Other "T" Activities

Preschoolers always have things to be thankful for.
Some things I heard this month were . . . .

Butterflies and Sparkles
Swimming Pools
Mommy and Daddy
All the animals in the world
Coming to Preschool
Sprinkles when it rains
My little brother (who isn't a reality)

Listening to the things they are thankful for is precious.
We brought in a tree with no leaves and called in our "Tree of Thankfulness".
Everyone enjoyed adding leaves to it.
On each leaf they drew something they were thankful for and then we added the words.
Pretty soon we had a very full tree.
Chairs were used to reach the top branches.

We love having Grandma Q to help us a couple days a month. She helped them write on their leaves.

Other "T" Activities.

Turkey feathers in the play dough center.
I didn't put these out really early so we'll keep them there for awhile. They enjoyed them.
This idea came from Teach Preschool Blog.

Turkey, Turkey What do you See?
This activity was connected to our math lesson.
Found on Chalk Talk blog.
We also did the "Roll A Turkey" idea from that site.
Great site.

T is for tracing tools.
This was a favorite and is still available for them.
Tracing items is a great skill to help with writing.

T week was great!

- Mrs. Nicole

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