Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gift Wrapping

This is going to be a great season in our class with so many fun activities.
Our December theme is WELCOMING JESUS.
Today kicked off the season for us.
Week one is Letter G: Gifts - Jesus is God's gift to us.

Today we talked about gifts, how great it makes us feel to receive a gift.
We talked about the first gift of Christmas - Jesus.
He was wrapped too, but not with wrapping paper and we all agreed He probably didn't have a bow on Him either.

Our NEW center opened today -
The Wrapping Station.

We spent a good hour wrapping presents.
I think this station will be a hit.
It will also be messy.
Everyone seemed to have a different method.
Some wrapping took team work.
One thing is for sure; we will be using a lot of tape this month!

This activity involves so many steps.
Picking a box.
Deciding if you want to put something in it or just pretend.
Choosing a paper.
Thinking about the size you need to cut.
Cutting in itself is a very big job - rolls of paper are long.
Figuring out how to get tape and hold the paper down.
Deciding if you want a friend to help or if you are going to go at it alone.
Making a card or picking a bow for the gift.
Then comes the big decision if you want someone to open it after all your hard work or if you want to leave it wrapped for the class time.

We came up with a system.
A system was needed.
If you want your present to stay wrapped during the class time then you put your present under the tree.
Those presents are SAFE from being unwrapped.
All present left under the tree will be opened by the next class that comes.
This is how we'll circulate the boxes all month long.

This center will be an option all month during our "work time".
I'm sure I'll have more pictures of this activity throughout the month.

- Mrs. Nicole

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