Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lights and other Fun "L" Activities

Our second week of the season was "L Week"
Jesus came to be the LIGHT of the world.
We looked at candles and flashlights and talked about the sun, headlights, night lights, street lights and all the cool ways we use lights.
Just like lights helps us see where we are going; Jesus came to be the light of the world to show us how to LOVE and LIVE (some more great "L" words).

We started our week by bringing flashlights.
We used flashlights all day and kept the room dark. (We have two big windows so we still had a lot of outside light coming in.)

We played a version of "flashlight tag". It was more like a hide and go seek flashlight game.
We all counted while one friend hid. 
Then we went searching for them using our flashlights.
We had some creative hiders.
The game was a hit.

We found Mr. Bennett hiding in the bathroom.

One friend hid under my desk.

Two friends hid on our cubby shelves.
Smart - it actually took a little bit for our class to find them.

Counting - repetitively working on all those teen numbers. 
(Even in this game we were working on our academic skills.)

Some used there flashlight to read books too.

We worked on patterns by making a strand of Christmas lights with our thumb prints.

Then we decorated a house with lights. (Patterns weren't required.)

The other activity we did related to "L week" was a Lego Counting game.
With each class I played it differently experimenting with the best way to play.

The basic idea is to roll a dice (or two dice), add up your total by counting the dice and then to pick up that many lego pieces. With your lego pieces you build a tower.
With the morning group we did two teams and each time it was your turn you ran to the lego bucket and counted out your legos. We competed for the tallest tower.
With the afternoon group we did it at the table and every person built their own tower.
I'd say go, they'd roll the dice, count, get legos, build and wait to hear go again.
Both ways worked well.

The game was a great way to work on our math skills - adding, one to one correspondence, fine motor skills with our lego building, and even some problem solving took place. Some put their bigger lego pieces on the bottom to give them a better base.

I really enjoy activities that give us a lot of learning with little set up.
This was one of those activities.

Our gift wrapping station is still going strong.
I have a few gift wrapping Queens.
I love seeing the team work.

By the end of the month I just might let my little helpers do my wrapping for me. :))

- Mrs. Nicole

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