Friday, December 16, 2011

Letter B and J

December has been full of great letters.

We had Letter G week and talked about Jesus being the first GIFT.
We had Letter L week and talked about Jesus being the LIGHT of the world.

Then this past week we had Letter B and J week together.  B for BABY and J for JESUS.


It's really what this entire holiday is about.

I know we do reindeers, candy cane, elves, and Santa stuff too.
It's been fun to do all the Christmas activities but being a Christian preschool it's important that we also celebrate the reason for this amazing season.
I love seeing the wonder in a child's eyes when they ask questions and learn about that first Christmas night.
That first Christmas night was for THEM.
It was for YOU.
This BABY JESUS was born for each of us.
Really an amazing event to embrace.

Along with learning about Baby Jesus we did some other B and J activities.

We ate bagels and bananas and drank juice for snack time.

I asked the kids to bring babies, bunnies, and bears.
My morning class responded with a total of 34 babies, bunnies and bears.

We piled them all up and graphed them.
What a fun activity.

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