Monday, April 16, 2012


Easter is such an amazing holiday to celebrate.
Being a Christian School, we were able to celebrate the true meaning of Easter.

For weeks leading up to Easter we read "Benjamin's Box" and used the Resurrection Eggs. 
Each day we opened a couple eggs that had symbols in them reminding us of Jesus' life leading up to Easter.

We talked about their being a SAD part and a HAPPY part of the story.

To review how the story ends and to remind us that Jesus is alive we created a Grass Tomb Garden.
(The idea came from pinterest.)

We created one for each class. 
It was a very fun project.
We planted grass seeds in the dirt so we are still watering our Tomb Garden.

We also had SEVERAL Egg Hunts.

First we did an ABC Hunt.
We found all the eggs and then we put them in order and went through the alphabet seeing what was inside each egg. (The item corresponded with the letter.)

On a different day we did a NUMBER egg hunt.
We found eggs up to 30 and then during circle time we put them in order.

Our last hunt was your traditional candy hunt. 

We also dyed eggs and had a fun snack outside.
(I don't have pictures of the pm class; I had a sub that day; sorry.)


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