Monday, April 16, 2012

Magic Jelly Beans

Magic Jelly Beans

I got the idea from this website.

This is what I told the kids:
1. You must have all five colors. (We all checked.)
2.  You have to plant them in the SAME hole.
3.  It has to be Easter.

We planted them and tried to think about what they could grow.

Thankfully no one dug a really deep hole.

(I removed them before going home that day b/c I didn't want a pile of ants. )

They all wrote their names on a stick to mark where they hid their magic jelly beans.

When we came back from Easter weekend look what grew??

Very fun.
The kids were so excited.
Some were sure I did it.
Others just go with it.
Some when home and planted magic jelly beans for their siblings and made markers grow.
Great imaginations.
One child came in and said, "I know it's you because they have wrappers on them."
Smart kid.

This was a really simple child like activity to do with the kids.

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