Saturday, May 12, 2012

Caterpillars to Butterflies Part 2 and 3

Our Caterpillars did just what they were supposed to do; they went into their chrysalis and hung there for days. We watched and waited.

Each day we looked at them with magnifying glasses and drew what we saw in the net or container.

The morning class got the joy of watching Mrs. Nicole become a big girl and move the chrysalis' from the container to the net.  This is my third time growing butterflies and I have yet to have to do this job. There was a little squealing involved but we got it. :))

One day in the afternoon we were just sure we were going to see one come out of his chrysalis. We all watched for what seemed like forever. It shook for a long time but then would stop.

Most gave up watching but one stayed extra long hoping to see it.

Finally when all 10 were butterflies we let them go. Half in the am class and half in the afternoon. All but one made it. One had a wing issue so we found a spot on a leaf for him outside.

We put our drawings in a book to take home.

This activity is one of my favorite activities because of the amazing transformation that takes place. It's a sign of God. Only God could create something that spins into a cocoon and then is transformed into something completely different and beautiful.  It reminds me that God is in the business of taking our lives and creating beautiful things out of them.  

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