Monday, September 17, 2012

Another Great Book

Many times books are the springboard for a great art project or learning activity.

This book taught us about lines.
The lines our fingers need to practice to begin forming letters.

"Little Green" by Keith Baker

I wasn't sure how they'd do with the lines.
They did AWESOME!
I gave them a starting dot at the top and an ending dot at the bottom for each line we did.
We did the lines step by step together, making the lines in the air with our finger and looking at the book before we drew them on paper.

It takes a lot of work to fill the page.
Most friends only colored in parts of their page.
Some friends might decide to color in more this week. 
Artists don't always finish their project in one sitting right?

Check out their work in the hallway as you come into class.

(This lesson plan came from Art Projects for Kids)
My kids at home have done this project on canvas boards and used Oil pastels for extremely bright colors.  They decorate my laundry room.  To find this project connected to a BOOK is 
like a cherry on top!!

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