Saturday, September 15, 2012



Picture taken with all our hands after reading "We Are All Different, We Are All the Same."

(You can see a big print of this picture in the Preschool hallway. A 4x6 sample will be coming home with your child too. All the kids wanted a copy.)

We also love books.
Mrs. Nicole loves books.
One thing any early childhood teacher strives to do is create a love for books.
For some it comes natural and they love time to look at books. 
For others we have to search to find just the right type of book to hold their attention.
On the first week of school I heard a PreK friend say "I don't like books."
I take those words as a challenge..... a challenge to help all my friends fall in love with books.

Book are available all day but right after snack time, as each child is finishing up and cleaning up their snack, each child finds a book and picks a place in the room to look at it. 
I love to see where they choose to read.
Some zip through as many books as possible, others look at the details of one book.
It's a short time frame but it helps us transition to story time (where I read a book to them) and it helps them begin to love books.

So far this year I'd say this has been their favorite book.
"Press Here" by Herve Tullet.
It was a new read to me too.

When I read it to the class they  laughed  giggled  squealed. The squeals got louder as we kept reading.
It's an interactive book.
You press a dot, shake the book, tilt the book, rub a dot etc for things to happen on the next page.

This is the book they all chose during reading time the following day.
They couldn't read the words but they were all laughing all over again. 

This week we began looking at THE book - The Bible.
We started learning our memory verse that goes along with our monthly theme; God Made Me and God Made You.

We looked at bibles and put them in order from big to small. We talked about how some have pictures, some have red words, some are big, some are small and they all are different colors BUT they all teach us about God and Jesus. They all tell us the story of God's love for us. They all have our bible verse in them.

Our year will be full of so many great books!!

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