Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Welcome - Day One.

We got off to a great start!
Everyone was welcomed as they came to school today.

Jesus said, "Let the Little Children Come".

Welcomed with a little poem.

The room was ready for busy children to come and invade it with their curiosity!

We were so excited to have money given to us to purchase a Circle Time rug. 
I love the color it adds to our space.

Things in new spaces always makes learning fun.

My new favorite space that we created for this year is the Play-Doh area.
Play-Doh 24/7.
Play doh was always available last year but now it's OUT and ready!

All 10 kids came excited for our day together.
Knowing that all their minds were thinking, "when can we play with all these things we see?", we got right to it.
We toured the room PreK style --- we hopped, we took off like rockets, we crawled like kitties, and mooed like cows to each of our centers.
We listened to the basics of how to properly play.
We focused on sharing and being kind.
Then we got busy "working". 

The girls did not disappoint me; without hesitation my favorite new space was filled up.

Favorite toys from last year were reunited with their playmates.

Towers were built that about reached our ceiling.

Grandma Q helped work on the tower.
Just seconds after this picture was snapped the tower fell and our fire fighter and police man rushed in to the rescue.

We counted and learned our friends names with a messy but fun project on day number 1.

Cubbies were found.
Names were identified.
Procedures for everything you can imagine were practiced.
Books were read.
Stories were heard.
Songs were sung.

Favorite Quote of the day, "I didn't know it would be THIS much fun."
(Melts a teachers heart.)

It was a great day and it's going to be a great year of learning!
Welcome to Pre K.

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